• Hi, I'm Andrea! 

  • Wife to my amazing husband, and mama to my sweet girl, Gracelyn Pearl, and soon-to-be baby boy! I'll be taking some "maternity leave" during the months of September/October 2017. Releases will likely be a bit sporadic and items will mostly be "ready-to-ship" during that time until we adjust to our new "normal." ;)

  • Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

  • Lover of fabric, vintage things, yarn, all things floral, 90's R&B, and creating sweet things for sweet littles. 

  • I started sewing in high school with my first machine, a Singer Simple (so many broken needles, ha!), and my passion has only grown with the opportunity to clothe the babes of friends and family, my own little lady, and now of course, your adorable little ones!

  • The name of my shop, Standard of Grace, is both a nod to my daughter and my favorite quote. The quote states, "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection." This is a mantra that I believe is important both for moms to believe about themselves and to instill into their daughters. No one is perfect, nor should they be, and we could all use a little grace from time to time...or if you're a mama, all the time. ;)